Red Mandana Stone Blocks

The Mandana Stone Company produces blocks of Mandana sandstone in large quantities. We even export Red Mandana stone blocks on a big scale. Mandana blocks are used to build benches, plinths, sculptures, barriers, sturdy bollards, and monuments. Blocks made of Red Mandana sandstone are also used for retaining walls and landscaping because they are sturdy and versatile in preventing erosion. Even the Dam walls are built using the stone blocks, as they are durable and strong. The textures and colour variations of the blocks are distinctive. Mandana stone blocks can be used for both commercial and residential purpose.
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The natural stone is repeatedly treated with abrasives to produce a polished finish, resulting in a glossy, mirror-like surface. This procedure essentially conceals the porosity of the stone while bringing out its inherent colures and character.

A polished finish has the benefit of increasing the stone’s general durability. Polished finished tiles work well for indoors flooring.
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Mandana Hand Cut

These cobblestones can be manually cut into two distinct ways depending on the intended use. One is a straight cut finish, which works well for constructing foundations, retaining walls, and wall cladding. The other is a tapered cut finish, which is preferred for garden areas, porches, paths, and pavement.
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Mandana Sandstone Cobblestone

Cobbles made of Mandana stone are enduring, sleek in design, and economical. Red Mandana stone cobbles are sturdy, crack-resistant, and provide an acid-resistant surface. These cobblestones can be carved into

numerous shapes. As this stone is a natural stone, the structures made with this stone last for many years without degrading. By using Mandana sandstone cobbles, one can easily add value to their yard by giving the walkways a beautiful, upscale appearance. To give your space the style of your choice, you can choose from a variety of sizes and finishes.
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Red Mandana stone is an extraordinary gift to us from nature. The Mandana Stone is durable, nonporous, acid resistant, slip resistant, fire resistant, and a lot more qualities are incorporated in it. From chemical industries to dairy units, the stone fulfills every requirement. Apart from this, Red Mandana sandstone is an eco-friendly choice as it is not a chemically processed man-made stone. This way, Mandana stone is an enduring and timeless choice to make that ensures a lasting legacy

Red Mandana Stone For Commercial Industries Use

Red Mandana Stone famed as Indian Red sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is known for its strength and appealing charm. Red Mandana Stone has a rich red-to-brownish colour tone that makes it a suitable choice for architectural industries. Apart from decorative purposes, this versatile Mandana Stone has extensive uses in Commercial industries due to its High acid resistant properties.

Mandana Red Stone: Acid Proof Red Mandana Stone

Red Mandana Stone is a remarkably known naturally occurring stone of India that is popular around the world for its exceptional Acid-resistant properties. This extraordinary quality of this stone makes it indispensable in numerous industrial applications especially in the dairy, Pharma, and chemical industries.

Composition of Red Mandana Stone

Red Mandana Stone is primarily made up of silica, which is the main responsible component for its acid-resistant property. The Chemical composition of Mandana Stone comprises quartz as well which is known for its high resistance to acids and chemicals.

Mandana Stone is a finely grained stone so this arrangement also helps to minimize the penetration of molecules into the stone and this way it is prevented by chemical degradation. This way the structure of Mandana stone becomes low porous, which reduces the surface area exposed to the chemicals.

Red Mandana Stone for the Chemical Industry

Acid-Resistant Flooring
The Primary use of Mandana Red Stone is for flooring in chemical industries as in there are higher chances of chemicals spilling and degradation of floors. The acid-resistant property of Mandana Stone makes it an ideal choice for such places where corrosive chemicals are handled. That is why most of the chemical manufacturing plants, Laboratories, and storage facilities are using Mandana stone as the flooring material. The Mandana Stone is durable and non-porous and the most suitable natural option to choose from.

In Industries where acids and chemicals are handled, Mandana Stone is preferred for the countertops as it provides a robust and acid-resistant work surface. So for the long long-lasting environmentally safe option, this versatile stone is preferred. Apart from this even in Hotels and Restaurants people are using Red Mandana stone for Kitchen
counters and Table tops to avoid heavy maintenance costs.

Red Mandana Stone for the Dairy Industry

Dairy unit Floorin
In Dairy units, Hygiene is the top concern. It is difficult to maintain hygiene and clean surfaces when there are high chances of floors being exposed to spillages.
In Such Places Mandana Stone works best as a Flooring Material as it is durable and easy to clean. It can withstand the acidic Byproducts of Dairy production and frequent cleaning of the floor. Just a wet Mop and your floor is clear as crystal. Mandana Stone Non–porous nature will protect the floor from any kind of stains as well

Cheese Aging Rooms
Red Mandana stone is used to make Surfaces and shelves for Cheese aging rooms where some specific environmental and hygienic conditions are obligatory. Mandana Red Stone chemical properties make it an excellent choice for such places as it won’t react with the cheese and even with the chemical cleaning agents as well ensures a long life span.