Kota Black Stone Tiles & Slabs Manufacturer & Exporter in Kota

Kadappa stone famed as black Kota stone is an extensively used limestone around the world. Black limestone is mined from kadapa region of Andhra Pradesh state in India. Black Kota is a globally used building material specially for flooring purposes. Apart from that Kota black is massively in demand for its artistic and ornamentals uses. The grayish black hue of kadappa stone is spectacularly impressive. Black Kota stone is a sedimentary rock that is a composition of aragonite, calcite and minerals. It has uniform color that ranges from gray to black.

Black kota stone have a wide application area and it can be used for paving, flooring, cladding, making decorative items, sculptures, monuments, fountains, table tops and so on. Kadappa stone is a soft stone and carving and shaping it is relatively easy to marble and granite. Kota black was commonly used by artisans and building constructors in its raw form for traditional and textured looks and even in present time it is still the first choice of architectures for modern houses to enhance the visual aesthetics and add an contemporary element to it. Black Kota stone is weather resistant, durable and an economical stone, which makes it appropriate to use for outdoor areas such as garden walkways, parking areas, landscaping, outer wall cladding, patios etc.

Black Kota stone has thermal insulation properties that help to balance the temperature. This way in winters it will keep the flooring warm and for summers when it is hot outside, it will keep the flooring chilly. It being a natural stone, it is also recyclable as it can be reused in building making. It is a sustainable and reusable material and it is good for our health and environment that is why this is the most preferred choice in construction industries these days. In minimal maintenance, it will last you for decades without cracking.

Apart from it being magnificent stone there is an important factor attached to it, which makes it a better and preferable choice amongst other flooring stones. As Black Kota stone is a limestone and it is directly coming from nature, no harmful chemicals are used in it’s manufacturing that makes it completely safe choice to use as a flooring tile.