Kota Stone Tiles Manufacturers, Suppliers In Kota Rajasthan

Kota stone tiles are trendy, distinctive and inexpensive choice, if you are willing to make your home exotic and impressive without harming the eco system. The tiles made out of Kota stone are designed in different sizes and thickness to resolve different purposes such as for interior floorings one must choose the thickness of 18-25 mm which is convenient for it, but for commercial industries and parking lots which bear heavy loads, thickness of 30 mm or higher than it is considered. Kota stone is naturally robust and can bear heavy weights without cracking or shattering. Thus, in a lot of commercial projects Kota stone tiles are always remains in high demand.

Kota stone tiles are versatile and even have multiple uses when it’s about making your home eco friendly and magnificent and give extra strength to the walls of it as well. With the help of Kota stone tiles we can clad the walls and make it durable, strong and attractive.

There are a lot of finishes to choose from. Leather finish is good for them who desire to give a matt touch to the surroundings where as for glossy finish
Mirror Polished Kota Stone Tiles are perfect choice. For natural and contemporary feel, Kota stone tiles can be installed in it with its raw and natural finish and for wall cladding honed finish can make wonders in changing the overall appearance. Basically, Kota stone have something for every, one who is looking for floorings.